Test events and properties in a tracking plan for naming conventions and expected metadata defined in your reflekt_project.yml file (see Reflekt Project Configuration docs for details).

reflekt test --name my-plan
12:37:36 Loading Reflekt tracking plan 'my-plan'
12:37:36     Parsing event file account-created.yml
12:37:37     Parsing event file account-deleted.yml
12:37:37     Parsing event file checkout-step-viewed.yml
12:37:37     Parsing event file product-added.yml
12:37:39     Parsing event file order-completed.yml
12:37:40     Parsing event file page-viewed.yml

12:38:28 [PASSED] No errors detected in Reflekt tracking plan 'my-plan'

Available arguments

reflekt test --help
Usage: reflekt test [OPTIONS]

  Test tracking plan schema for naming, data types, and metadata.

  -e, --event TEXT  Name of a single event to be tested (in kebab-case).
  -n, --name TEXT   Name of tracking plan to be tested (in kebab-case).
  --help            Show this message and exit.

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